Monday, March 4, 2024

Eating Lean and Clean - Fresh Fruit Salads

 Choose fruit that you love, and that is in season. Add honey, maple syrup, and any type of yogurt you love.

Eating Clean and Lean 

As most of you know, I am a Type II Diabetic.  I love cooking with fresh ingredients as much as I can.   For 2024, I will need to make some severe changes to how I eat and must lose weight to get my diabetes managed and under control.  

For 2024, I have set a goal to lose weight and take better care of myself.  So, what is my plan for “Eating Clean and Lean for 2024”?

No one can pinpoint the one thing that causes weight gain; for most people, a variety of factors are to blame, including genetics, family history, eating and exercise habits, and lifestyle choices that influence everything from how much sleep we get to how stressed we feel.  Fortunately, diet is one of the factors that I can control.  In addition, there is great debate about the best dietary changes to make.

Should I eat less fat?  Eat fewer Calories?  Or eat less food?  I have concluded that my approach would be better than doing nothing. 

Eating clean and lean for me is:

1. Eat more whole grains

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits

3. Focus on lean proteins and healthy fats

4. Cut back on Sugar

5. Eat reasonable portion sizes

6. Cut down on processed foods

7. Drink more water

My most significant item is “processed /prepared food products” with many ingredients that will not allow me to control add sugars, salts, Trans, and saturated fats. 

Also, most important along with eating clean and lean is exercise.  I aim to start with at least 30 – 45 minutes daily exercise.

CW’ Cafe Today – Cooking from the Pantry – Lean and Clean for 2024

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