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My Diabetic Plate

My Diabetic Plate

With all the news lately about Paula Deen announcing she has Type II Diabetes and what she is doing to get on track and help others.  I decided to take a good look at how I have managed to stay on track for about 21 years now.  I remember when I was first diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 1991; I did not know what it really meant or how it would affect me for the rest of my life.  I received a called from my doctor after taking some standard routine test; that I needed to come and see her right away.  She told me I had Type II Diabetes and must start medication.  She wrote my prescriptions and gave me some pamphlets on diabetes and sent me on my way with a lot of unanswered questions. 

Over the years through trial and error and good diabetes education, made available to me when I lived in California, I have learned how to manage.  I must say it has not been easy and every day brings a new set of challenges. But I will say taking small and smart steps towards my management has helped me a lot.  I have not always been a "Good Diabetic".  I have made a lot of mistakes and also took chances.  But when I fell off the wagon, I did not beat myself up, but I got back to make a go of it again. 

 So to all my fellow diabetics and for those who have been diagnose as "pre-diabetic", there is hope. My blog series "My Diabetic Plate" will give you some information on how I have manage over the years. 

Now this information I am providing is base on my experience only, not as a medical manual. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment or diabetic education you have received or prescribed by your doctor.  I do realize that our nutritional needs vary from person to person, depending upon our age, sex, health status, and diet requirements. Recipes and other information given is to help if I can make informed decisions about your health and diet.  In other words, I am keeping it real and down to earth and would love to hear your response on any topic discuss here.

 Let's get down to "My diabetic Plate".  I have divided my plate into four sections.

  1. Nutrition
    • Portion Control
    • Meal Planning
    • Moderation

2. Minding Your Meds
    • Taking your meds as prescribed
    • Know your Pharmacist Better

3. Getting the Facts
·       Diabetic Education - keep inform about your condition

    4. Keep It Moving
·       Simple Exercise

These are four things that work for me. So over the next couple of months, I will share recipes and give my tips on the topics above.  
 "Welcome to My Diabetic Plate".

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