Monday, March 18, 2013

Eating Lean and Clean - Ultimate Reset

Eating Lean and Clean for 2013 – Ultimate Reset
I started this journey in January, making a commitment to myself to eat lean and clean.  I did not know how I was really going to attempt this change in my life, but I did know that something needed to be done.

You need good information to make good decisions about your health.  In my search for a way to eat lean and clean, my co-worker gave me information about a program that could get me on the right track.  As you all know I am Type II diabetic who loves cooking good food and eating it too.  I thought I could manage my diabetes by eating what I wanted and then take medication to manage.  Well this is not the way to handle a serious disorder like diabetes.  It’s like playing with fire and thinking you would not get burn.  Before I continue, let me put a disclaimer in place.


Please keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist, health coach, or doctor. I recommend checking with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medical condition. The information in this blog post is based upon my own personal experience and research.  In addition, I am not advertising or promoting any products; but sharing my experience so far with something that is working well for me.

Now lets move on! 

You know that diabetes contributes to a lot of medical conditions if not taken seriously; I know this first hand because I lost my father, mother and one sister to this disorder.  You notice I did not call it a disease, but a disorder.  Again this is my opinion; diabetes is a disorder that affects how your body makes and uses fuel.  When you eat, your body breaks down food into usable parts. One key part is glucose, a form of sugar that provides fuel for your body’s cells.   Glucose travels from the bloodstream into your cells with the help of insulin.  Insulin is a hormone (or chemical messenger) made in the pancreas.

Normally, the pancreas makes just the right amount of insulin to move glucose into cells. In my case I am Type II diabetic and my body does not make enough insulin or the insulin it makes cannot be used properly, or both.  This makes it hard for sugar to move from the blood into the cells, so my cells may not get all the fuel they need.  At the same time, too much sugar builds up in my bloodstream. This extra sugar can damage many parts of my body and I am experiencing some of that damage now because of my mismanagement.  

The Ultimate Reset

So now is the time for me to reclaim my health and do what’s right so that I can beat this thing.  My doctors told me, I needed to lose weight and get my diabetes under control, but did not give any tools to help start my journey.  I realize this and decided it was not left up to them, I really needed to do this for myself.  Now I am happy to say I have found the tools to get the show on the road.   Stay tune for part 2 of  “Lean and Clean” 2013.


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