Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Leaving the old and bringing in the new.  

New Year, new you. It's the New Year Resolutions catchphrase that everyone has at the beginning of the year to reach out and conquer the world.

For me I start the New Year another year older.  I am a baby boomer who is leaving the world of the 50's moving to the world of 60's. Tomorrow is my birthday and each year I have started a list of resolutions and goals that by mid March they have disappeared and I am back to my old habits again.

So what can I do for this New Year that can be different from my previous years resolutions.
  1. Set goals and not make resolutions.
  2. My goals should be ones that I know are realistic.
  3. Know that when I set goals or make a plan, anticipate the rocky roads, pitfalls; so when I miss the mark get up dust myself off and keep moving.
  4. Set goals that have a purpose in my life, challenge myself to make changes that are worth while.
What inspiration do you have to set goals and make positive changes in your life?
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